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The role of digital data for food cleaner production innovation and cleaner value proposition.

Project description

A new proposition for cleaner food production

Better use of natural resources during food production is necessary to reduce environmental impact. Digital technologies and data can help ensure sustainable and cleaner food production. The EU-funded FooDization project will develop the cleaner value proposition concept that is defined as an ecological value that firms promise to deliver to customers if they purchase their environmentally friendly products. The project will explore how food firms employ digital technologies to innovate their production process and how cleaner production innovation influences value proposition. Specifically, it will explain how digital data can be employed by food firms to realise cleaner production innovations. FooDization will also show how cleaner production innovation affects value proposition.


Net EU contribution
€ 151 850,88
Fovam Ter 8
1093 Budapest

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Közép-Magyarország Budapest Budapest
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 0,00