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Colouring the Dark in Fluorescence Light


Validation plan for tdFLI

Document with the plan to validate the first tdFLI instrument using standard tests as well as using pertinent phantoms

Project website and logo

Development and the operation of the projects website with information on social media links

Initial report on time-domain modelling, methods and illumination

We will write a report on the technological components of the tdFLI system and will actively adapt the components to each other to maximize the total performance to realize the envisioned breakthrough We will perform a topdown analysis of the global objective and extract from this the objectives and parameters for the individual components while studying and considering their interdependencies

Initial novel tdFLI imaging sensors with micro lenses

First novel sensors with and without microlenses will be available for testing and use We will in any case prepare a report in addition

Initial biocompatible static NIR FLT dyes

First biocompatible static dyes available for testing We will in any case prepare a report in addition

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