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The STE(A)M Education European Roadmap

Descripción del proyecto

Un atlas de hojas de ruta para mejorar la educación en CTI(A)M

El objetivo general del proyecto The SEER, financiado con fondos europeos, es proporcionar un conjunto de hojas de ruta que allanará el camino hacia los cambios políticos e institucionales necesarios para la aplicación a gran escala de la educación en CTI(A)M (ciencias, tecnología, ingeniería, [arte] y matemáticas) en Europa. Para alcanzar ese objetivo de gran alcance, el proyecto sintetizará el estado de la educación en CTI(A)M y evaluará las políticas e iniciativas nacionales e internacionales, además de analizar las necesidades de los docentes y los centros escolares. Este análisis de las necesidades y las lagunas correspondientes en las políticas y recursos servirá para diseñar un conjunto de hitos y estrategias para las partes interesadas clave, incluidos los responsables políticos, las instancias decisorias escolares, los docentes y el sector, con el fin de impulsar la adopción de la educación en CTI(A)M en Europa y otros continentes.


The SEER - The STE(A)M Education European Roadmap, is an improvement journey with different stages associated to intervention steps based on research and proven experiences with recommendations, to get more STE(A)M-happy motivated and connected citizens. The SEER will be at the intersection of four major dimensions: (1) the need to collect all that currently is in place (such as STE(A)M education policies, innovative STE(A)M teaching practices, and feedback on how existing STE(A)M programs were implemented so far), (2) the importance to foster exchange and dialogue among all STEAM education stakeholders, (3) the necessity to permanently carry out needs analysis activities that would identify gaps, as well as impact analysis of initiatives and policies and (4) provide guidance for future actions and get the buy-in of citizens and particularly major stakeholders (Ministries, schools, parents, teachers) through outreach mechanisms. The SEER will deliver: a) The SEER process: including focus groups, seminars and case studies with supporting surveys, polls, and results, leading to the identification of gaps and the STE(A)M Education European Roadmap; b) The STE(A)M Education European Roadmap: The Atlas of roadmaps that will help improve STE(A)M Education from different stakeholders starting point and using a myriad of paths depending on the goal to achieve; c) The STE(A)M Education European Roadmap Impact Strategy providing a standard impact assessment mechanism for new STEM plans, projects, and initiatives; d) A proposal of how an Integrated STE(A)M education certification framework could contribute to educational reform, why it is relevant for students, teachers, citizens and MoEs, and how schools can self-evaluate. Additionally, to continuously engage the community at large on the options and benefits of STE(A)M in our lives and their connection to a better / greener world, and future degrees and careers, SEER will run an ambitious series of dissemination actions.


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