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European integration of new technologies and social-economic solutions for increasing consumer trust and engagement in seafood products

Project description

Trust in EU fish sources

Marine aquaculture production continues to grow to meet the increasing demand for seafood. At the same time, consumers are paying increasing attention to specific attributes such as safety, quality, freshness and traceability. Despite this, the majority of research has concentrated on the technical aspects and far less on methods to ensure microbiological safety and traceability. The EU-funded FishEUTrust project aims to fill this gap by defragmenting the current seafood system to ensure sustainability and a transparent and traceable seafood supply chain necessary to promote high-end, pan-European farmed products. To achieve this, FishEUTrust will establish five Co-creation Living Labs in the Mediterranean Basin, in the North Sea and in the Atlantic Sea. Project work will lead to tools to maximise trust by guaranteeing seafood products’ quality, safety and traceability.


FishEUTrust represents a consortium of twenty-two organizations from fourteen countries, pooling their expertise to defragment the current food system to ensure sustainability and deliver solutions for a transparent and traceable seafood supply chain necessary to promote high-end, pan-European farmed seafood. The innovation at the heart of FishEUTrust is integrating different actors into a digital platform that links technology providers, supply chain stakeholders, regulatory/policymakers and consumers. FishEUTrust will establish five Co-creation Living Labs (CLLs) in diverse environments: the Mediterranean Basin, the North Sea and the Atlantic Sea. These CLLs will enable user involvement in innovation and development processes and act as demonstrators for the consortium to test and validate digital and non-digital supply chain solutions. Examples include creating sustainable business models, exploiting IPR strategies for aquaculture, e.g. protecting cultural and culinary heritage, short food supply chains, exploiting underused fish species, and innovative engaging activities to stimulate/nudge behavioural change. It will also develop tools for maximizing trust by guaranteeing the quality, safety, and traceability of seafood products based on smart control systems (sensors), a suite of tools integrating metagenomics, genetic biomarkers, isotopic techniques, and digital technologies (labelling, Product Passport/Blockchain). These tools will be integrated into a single cutting-edge digital FishEUTrust platform that will apply the latest in artificial intelligence, data science and human-computer interactions. Finally, an integrated impact assessment and life cycle analysis will be performed to quantify the environmental footprint, health sustainability, and socio-economic benefits of FishEUTrust solutions. FishEUTrust will be supported by a comprehensive scientific, public, policymaker and industrial dissemination plan to communicate results to a broad audience.


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