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Advanced multimodal marketplace for low emission and energy transportation

Project description

The future of B2B platforms in the race to reduce emissions

The freight transportation sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. While companies have focused on primary emissions and energy-related footprints, the indirect emissions stemming from logistics services are largely overlooked. With this in mind, the EU-funded ADMIRAL project will develop an all-encompassing platform that manages supply chain infrastructure and related emissions. It also serves as a launchpad for innovative, sustainability-focused solutions within the EU. Four pilot programmes in Portugal-Spain, Slovenia-Croatia, Lithuania and Finland will demonstrate the platform’s market potential. ADMIRAL's objectives include streamlining supply chain operations, optimising existing assets, fostering sustainable sourcing and developing energy-efficient solutions.


Freight transportation is responsible for large share of total GHG emissions in Europe. So far, majority of companies have concentrated on their primary emissions and those caused by their energy use, while indirect emissions from e.g. logistics services have received limited attention. It is obvious that a systemic socio-technical change is vital. The business models for sustainable sourcing and offering multimodal low-emission transport chains are missing. ADMIRAL project aims to have a systemic socio-technical approach. The vision of ADMIRAL is to change the mindset to take the emission level minimization as the main target by providing tools for companies. The main result is the Admiral marketplace, which manages the whole supply chain infrastructure and related emissions. It also works as a channel for developers to distribute innovative and sustainability-focused solutions in EU. The marketplace will be demonstrated and piloted by ADMIRAL partners in 4 pilots: Portugal-Spain, Slovenia-Croatia, Lithuania and Finland. ADMIRAL is focusing on the following objectives: 1) Evolve seamless operation within supply chains; 2) Enable better utilization of current assets and infrastructure to decrease emissions; 3) Embrace systemic change towards sustainability with sustainable sourcing; 4) Develop and pilot solutions that have altogether energy and emission reduction potential. The marketplace will also work as an innovation platform for new services, as software and solution developers have clear guidelines to include the invented services to be available in the platform. The marketplace will improve the value of the B2B logistic platforms. The B2C platforms are dominated by non-EU companies, e.g. Google, but the dominance for B2B platforms is yet to be determined. ADMIRAL will make contributions to the expected outcomes and impacts of the work programme e.g. by aiming to reduce emissions more than 20% and improving transparency and resilience.


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