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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-19

Systems Engineering for Network Debug, Integration and Test


The objective of SENDIT is to produce a set of debugging and systems integration tools for heterogeneous hard real time networks.

In many projects debugging and systems integration takes over 50% of the total project effort. Such networks have different requirements from those of data processing networks. As a baseline, the project takes the software and hardware results from project 5497, PROCIC, for developing applications for heterogeneous networks.

The approach is to use both hardware and software to reduce the overheads of debugging and integration. Just as hardware acknowledgement of messages is faster than software acknowledgement, so inclusion of debug features within the network protocols reduce the intrusiveness of debug facilities. Hardware assistance has particular value at the sensor/actuator level common in real time systems.

The results of the project will be interfaced hardware and protocols optimised for debugging, performance monitors, network debuggers and simulators, and the network compilers and firmware required for heterogeneous networks. Performance assessment tools permit discrimination between software, hardware and interference problems. Pilot applications will prove the concepts under realistically noisy conditions. Hardware and protocols will be validated for reliability. A particular emphasis will be placed on providing tools for use by SMEs.


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