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TrUsted Revocable Biometric IdeNtitiEs

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Secure, dependable and trusted Infrastructures

TURBINE is a multi-disciplinary privacy enhancing technology, combining innovative developments in cryptography and fingerprint biometrics. It aims at providing highly reliable biometric 1:1 verifications, multi-vendor interoperability, and system security, while solving major issues related to privacy concerns associated to the use of biometrics for ID management. Its primary objective is to render this innovation commercially viable by demonstrating that the technology is sufficiently mature for deployment as a solution to large scale eID requirements. To achieve this it will develop and evaluate the foundation and application of revocable protected biometric templates and pseudo-identities using fingerprint data. Use of different biometric enrolment algorithm transformations and hence subsequent verification mechanisms will be evaluated against public and private fingerprint databases. Specific objectives will be to ensure that the crypto-protection deployed on the biometric data is non-invertible and has the lowest possible impact on biometric verification performance. Project results will be assessed using very large fingerprint data bases held by two project partners to compare performances with and without crypto-protection. Expert groups will be included in the project to advise the consortium on i) data protection and privacy issues and ii) requirements of key application sectors for eID management solutions. Furthermore, a comprehensive verification test and demonstration environment will evaluate how single fingerprint data of an individual may be used to generate several secure identities with different levels of trust. It will include revocation and issuance of an equivalent re-generated biometric identity based on the same specific fingerprint data without weakening the overall security. The practical demonstration will be in an airport security application area and involve trusted smart card tokens under the control of the end-user.

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