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Politics, Economics and Global Governance: The European Dimensions


Illegal immigration and media exposure: evidence on individual attitudes

Autorzy: Giovanni Facchini; Riccardo Puglisi; Anna Maria Mayda
Opublikowane w: Walter de Gruyter GmbH 2193-9039 2017
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1186/s40176-017-0095-1; Handle:10419/197453

Theory and the market after the crisis: the endogeneity of financial governance

Autorzy: Underhill, G.R.D.
Stały identyfikator: Handle:11245/1.377994; Handle:11245/1.348327

The rise and fall of (Chinese) African apparel exports

Autorzy: Lorenzo Rotunno; Zheng Wang; Pierre-Louis Vézina
Opublikowane w: Elsevier BV 2013
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.jdeveco.2013.08.001

Sovereign debt and banks: need for a fundamental view on the structure of the banking industry

Autorzy: Boot, A.W.A.; Allen, F.; Carletti, E.; Corsetti, G.
Opublikowane w: FIC Press, Wharton Financial Institutions Center STARTPAGE=77;ENDPAGE=82;TITLE=Life in the Eurozone: with or without sovereign default? 2011

Global Banks, Financial Shocks, and International Business Cycles: Evidence from an Estimated Model

Autorzy: Robert Kollmann
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1111/jmcb.12074

Fiscal Policy in a Financial Crisis: Standard Policy vs. Bank Rescue Measures

Autorzy: Kollmann, Robert; Roeger, Werner; in'tVeld, Jan

Performance Pay and the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Spain

Autorzy: de la Rica, Sara; Dolado, Juan J.; Vegas, Raquel
Stały identyfikator: Handle:10419/36969; Handle:10016/11715

Flexible Work and Immigration in Europe

Autorzy: Raess, Damian; Burgoon, Brian
Opublikowane w: Wiley 0007-1080 2015
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1111/bjir.12022; Handle:11245/1.391562

The geography of conflicts and free trade agreements

Autorzy: Martin, Philippe; Mayer, Thierry; Thoenig, Mathias
Stały identyfikator: Handle:2441/c8dmi8nm4pdjkuc9g8m2hh491

Fiscal Policy in a Financial Crisis: Standard Policy vs. Bank Rescue Measure

Autorzy: Kollmann, Robert; Roeger, Werner; in'tVeld, Jan

The economic impact of merger control legislation

Autorzy: Philipp Hartmann; Elena Carletti; Steven Ongena
Opublikowane w: TILEC 2008
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.irle.2015.01.004; Handle:10419/25539; Handle:1814/21474

The Geography of Conflicts and Regional Trade Agreements

Autorzy: Mayer, Thierry; Thoenig, Mathias; Martin, Philippe
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1257/mac.4.4.1


Autorzy: Giorgia Palladini; Richard Portes
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.3386/w17586

Immigration to the Land of Redistribution

Autorzy: Tito Boeri
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.2139/ssrn.1550909; Handle:10419/35735; Digital Object Identifier:10.1111/j.1468-0335.2010.00859.x

Credit Market Competition and Liquidity Crises

Autorzy: Agnese Leonello; Elena Carletti
Opublikowane w: Munich: Center for Economic Studies and ifo Institute (CESifo) 2014
Stały identyfikator: Handle:10419/93388; Digital Object Identifier:10.1093/rof/rfy026; Handle:1814/21675; Handle:10419/154365

Estimating the Effects of Standard Fiscal and Bank Rescue Measures

Autorzy: Werner Roeger; Robert Kollmann; Marco Ratto; Jan in 't Veld

Leverage as a Predictor for Real Activity and Volatility

Autorzy: Robert Kollmann; Stefan Zeugner

Banking on the public: market competition and shifting patterns of governance

Autorzy: Blom, J.G.W.
Stały identyfikator: Handle:11245/1.355024

Sources and legitimacy of financial liberalization

Autorzy: Brian Burgoon; Panicos O. Demetriades; Geoffrey R. D. Underhill
Opublikowane w: Elsevier BV VOLUME=28;ISSUE=2;STARTPAGE=147;ENDPAGE=161;ISSN=0176-2680;TITLE=European Journal of Political Economy 2012
Stały identyfikator: Handle:11245/1.355923; Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.ejpoleco.2011.10.003

Self-Fulfilling Risk Panics

Autorzy: Philippe Bacchetta; Cédric Tille; Eric van Wincoop
Opublikowane w: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva American Economic Review 2012
Stały identyfikator: Handle:10419/77470; Digital Object Identifier:10.3386/w16159; Digital Object Identifier:10.1257/aer.102.7.3674