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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-18

Access to Opioid Medication in Europe


"Medicines derived from opium are very valuable in medicine practice & therefore regarded as essential medicines. However, they are generally not readily available for patients who are in need of them for medical reasons. It is estimated that over 80% of the world's population is inadequately treated, because opioid (pain relieving) medicines have been categorized as ""controlled substances"", due to concerns about their possible abuse. These medicines are therefore subject to strong international control, & rendered accessible. Severe under-treatment of pain is reported in more than 150 countries. In 15 countries of the EU-25, medical consumption of opioids (& other medications that are controlled under these conventions) is close to non-existent, consequently a large number of patients are not treated appropriately for moderate to severe pain. The overall goal of this project, is to undertake applied research into the reasons why opioid medicines for moderate to severe pain & for the treatment of opioid dependence are not used adequately in 12 European countries & to elaborate & disseminate tailor-made recommendations to each country for improving the accessibility, availability & affordability of controlled medicines, & disseminate these to governments, health-care professionals, other key decision-making bodies as well as to the general public. The outcome of the research will serve to underpin informed policy decisions on health systems & more effective & efficient evidence-based strategies for health therapies (pain management) in 12 European countries, thereby contributing to the realization of the activity area that frames the specific call to which this project responds, Optimizing the Delivery of Health Care to European Citizens & the overarching EU values of ""universality, access to good health care, equity & solidarity, aiming to make provision that is patient-centred & responsive to individual need""."

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