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DBS LNB-STB Optical Fibre Transmission Link


There is an approaching crisis in Direct Broadcast by Satellite (DBS). It is evident in the inefficiency and installation problems with coaxial transmission of the ever-increasing number of terrestrial and satellite broadcast channels available to individual homes and Multiple Dwelling Units. The distribution of signals from DBS Low Noise Blocks to Set Top Boxes is currently based on IF signalling on multiple coaxial cables. In the UK, BSKYB alone installs around 10,000 multi-way switched systems p.a. into Multiple Dwelling Units with 100s of coax cable runs in each. Across Europe there are several 100 million individual installed satellite TV systems with each STB requiring connection of 2 or 4 cables. DBS is also threatened by the growing availability of TV over cable and internet links. The aim of this project is to develop a new high-bandwidth optical technology able to transmit multiple, full satellite data bands on a single fibre cable assembly link with essentially unlimited future capacity. Our proposed technology will also enable the full integration of Sat-TV with very high bandwidth home networking in a single solution, providing future proof connectivity and high quality coomunication at reduced costs. OptoSat will exploit and satisfy a European market worth £5Bn over 5 years.

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