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Development of Culturally Appropriate Neuropsychological Tests for the Greek Population


We aim to explore and demonstrate the flaws inherent in the current practice of transferring neuropsychological tests from American or other Anglo-Saxon societies to other countries and cultures and to develop an empirically-based and scientifically sound conceptual framework within which potential pitfalls in culturally sensitive neuropsychological assessment and test development can be avoided. This will lead to the development of a method for creating or adapting a culturally appropriate neuropsychological measure to any culture. We expect our findings to be of interest not only to scientists and clinicians from any European country that is currently developing the field of neuropsychology, but even those in non-European developing countries, as well as those working with ethnic and racial minorities in Western countries. While this project is relevant to all cultures, we will use the Greek case both as an example and a springboard to creating and norming neuropsychological measures that are appropriate for a given culture. The aims of the proposed investigation are in accordance with international trends in cross-cultural neuropsychology. On an applied level, we will provide a guide for the development of culturally appropriate tests for the Greek population and similar cultures, and yield a series of neuropsychological tests for use in clinical evaluations and research protocols. More importantly, perhaps, on a theoretical/scientific level, we will challenge some of the underlying assumptions in the field of ability measurement and offer new insights regarding the universality of the constructs typically measured in a neuropsychological assessment. Therefore, this work will enhance European competitiveness by challenging the current worldwide dominance of North American test publishing companies.

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Kedea Building, Tritis Septemvriou, Aristotle University Campus
546 36 Thessaloniki

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