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From Femto- to Millisecond and From Ensemble to Single Molecule Photobehavior of Some Nanoconfined Organic Dyes for Solar Cells Improvement


In this project (NANOSOL), we wish to study the femtosecond to millisecond dynamics of some selected triphenylamine dyes in solutions and confined within MCM-41 mesoporous silica material in absence and in presence of TiO2. The dyes are being proposed as potential candidates for solar energy conversion with an efficiency in classical configuration up to 5.33%. We will interrogate their relaxation dynamics and study the effect of zeolites nanoconfinement on the related and subsequent elementary events from fs to ms regime. Powerful techniques based on ultrafast-laser and single-molecule technologies will be our tools to follow the electronic flow from its birth triggered by a photonic excitation of the dye to its death due a charge recombination. We will then explore for the selected dyes the relationship between the time domain and nature of the zeolites (space domain, nano to micrometer domain).This relationship will be examined at a single molecule and particle level with both time and spectral resolutions. The results will be correlated to their solar-energy conversion efficiency in a classical scheme, and will serve for designing confined systems for a new generation of photovoltaics cells. We believe that the expected results will be of great interest to the scientific community working in nanotechnology (nanoLED’s, nanostwitches, etc) nanomedicine (drug delivery), and environmental science (clean energy), and in particular to those performing dye-sensitized solar cells.

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