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Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology


Monitoring and understanding the earthquake processes and mitigating their effects are global priorities, requiring a concerted, dedicated, and international approach. NERIES responds to the needs of the seismological research and surveillance communities as well as to concerns from society. Earthquakes are recorded in the larger European-Mediterranean region by over 100 seismic monitoring systems and observatories in 46 countries. NERIES will network these seismological infrastructures into a sustainable integrated pan-European cyber-infrastructure serving current and future needs of the scientific community and of society.

NERIES will combine Networking, Transnational Access and Joint Research Activities to promote improved access to distributed databases, common protocols, standardized procedures and strategies for long-term archiving and distribution of seismological data; develop a new generation of hazard and risk assessment tools designed to improve monitoring and understanding of the earthquake process; Invest in capacity building and technology transfer to ensure the access to modern technologies for infrastructures and the larger scientific community in the Euro-Med region; implement key joint research projects aimed at improving the service provided by existing infrastructures and the use of seismological data for scientific research; boost the capability of the research community to investigate earthquake processes and Earth structure and dynamics, use e-Science technology to facilitate outreach to the public at large and educational institutions in particular; provide access to specialized, unique European seismological infrastructures; strengthen the role of European seismology in global seismic monitoring and hazard mitigation.

NERIES will lead the seismological infrastructures in building a key land-based segment of the GMES strategy and of the GEO 10-years implementation plan.

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