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Graphene-based Electrodes for Application in Supercapacitors


For vehicle applications, it is desirable to have devices with high energy density, high power density, long cycle and shelf life, and low cost. Supercapacitors are considered one of the newest innovations in the field of electrical energy storage. In hybrid electric vehicle, supercapacitors can be coupled with fuel cells or batteries to deliver the high power needed during acceleration as well as to recover the available energy during regenerative braking. To design a supercapacitor for a specific application that requires high energy density or high power density or both, proper electrode materials and a suitable electrolyte are to be chosen. The combination of graphene and graphene-based material as electrode materials, and the use of room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) may exhibit excellent performance in supercapacitors. Graphene based materials can be obtained by a bottom-up approach in a more controllable fashion. The enhanced capacitive behaviour of this material may be obtained by the proper alignment of graphene sheets as well as the interconnected nanoscale channels. However, these studies are still at the primary stage, and further studies are necessary. The ElectroGraph project follows a technology driven approach. It is thus obvious that the development of both electrode materials as well as the electrolyte solutions is required in order to optimize the overall performance of the supercapacitor.

The main novelty of the technical development is the optimised production of graphene with its properties specifically defined and adjusted for application as electrode material in energy storage devices. This would be achieved through defining of processing parameters to tailor-made graphene with a specific surface area, size and corresponding electrical properties is a new consideration.

The ElectroGraph will use an integrated approach in development of both electrode materials as well as the electrolyte solutions as required for optimising the overall performance of supercapacitors.

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