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Mobilizing for democracy: Democratization processes and the mobilization of civil society


The Transnational Dimension of Protest: From the Arab Spring to Occupy

Autorzy: Donatella Della Porta; Alice Mattoni
Stały identyfikator: Handle:11384/40181

Can Democracy be Saved?

Autorzy: Della Porta D
Stały identyfikator: Handle:11384/7033

Civil Society and Democracy Promotion

Autorzy: Richard Youngs
Opublikowane w: Oxford University Press International Democracy and the West 2004
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1093/0199274460.003.0004

The Elite Coup: The transition to democracy in Bulgaria

Autorzy: ROSSI, Federico Matías
Stały identyfikator: Handle:1814/26183

Mapping Protest on the Refugee Crisis: Insights from Online Protest Event Analysis

Autorzy: Elena Pavan; Massimiliano Andretta
Opublikowane w: Palgrave Macmillan 2018
Stały identyfikator: Handle:11384/68925; Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/978-3-319-71752-4_11

Mobilizing for Democracy: Comparing 1989 and 2011

Autorzy: Thomas O’Brien
Opublikowane w: Informa UK Limited 2014
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1080/14782804.2014.975494; Handle:1814/30199

Transition Times in Memory

Autorzy: Andretta, Massimiliano
Opublikowane w: Oxford university Press Array 2018

“Protests and protestors in times of financial crisis”, ,

Autorzy: Andretta; Massimiliano; Lorenzo Bosi; Donatella della Porta; Herbert Reiter; Andretta; Massimiliano; Lorenzo Bosi; Donatella della Porta; and Herbert Reiter

On violence and repression: a relational approach

Autorzy: Donatella della Porta

Methodological practices in social movement research

Autorzy: Michael T. Heaney
Opublikowane w: Oxford University Press Methodological Practices in Social Movement Research 2014
Stały identyfikator: Handle:1814/32971; Digital Object Identifier:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198719571.001.0001; Digital Object Identifier:10.1177/0094306116681813q

Protest in Italy in Times of Crisis: A Cross-Government Comparison

Autorzy: Massimiliano Andretta
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.4324/9780429401589-7; Digital Object Identifier:10.1080/13608746.2018.1434456

, Meeting Democracy, .

Autorzy: Della Porta, Donatella; Dieter Rucht ,; Della Porta; Donatella; Dieter Rucht

Clandestine Political Violence

Autorzy: Chares Demetriou
Opublikowane w: Cambridge University Press 2013
Stały identyfikator: Digital Object Identifier:10.1017/cbo9781139043144.011; Handle:1814/27278; Digital Object Identifier:10.1177/0094306115621526m; Digital Object Identifier:10.1017/cbo9781139043144; Digital Object Identifier:10.1080/14782804.2014.942983; Handle:11384/7010

Participatory democracy in Southern Europe

Autorzy: Joan Fonts, Donatella della Porta; Yves Sintomer

Legacies and memories in movements : justice and democracy in southern Europe

Autorzy: Donatella della Porta,; Andretta, Massimiliano; Tiago, Fernandes; Eduardo, Romanos; Markos, Vogiatzoglou
Opublikowane w: Oxford University Press Array 2018
Stały identyfikator: Handle:1814/55906; Handle:11384/70084

“Desperately seeking politics”,

Autorzy: Donatella Della Porta; Hebert Reiter
Stały identyfikator: Handle:11384/40717