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"Coupled model simulations of global climate, terrestrial biosphere and atmospheric composition focused on global and European air quality"


"Interconnections between climate, vegetation and air composition are emerging as a central topic with important consequences for projections of future climate and air quality (AQ), both on global and regional scales. Yet the number of studies and models incorporating all these components together is limited, and especially the role played by vegetation-climate interactions is not well understood.
This project will assess the impact of climate change and the associated response of the terrestrial biosphere on global atmospheric composition, with particular focus on European AQ.
CLIMBAIR will use the state-of-the-art European Earth system model (ESM) EC-Earth to represent climate, air composition and terrestrial biosphere processes in an integrated way. The experiments will be carried out on a global scale with increased resolution over Europe, thanks to the two-way nested zoom option available in the chemistry-transport model (CTM) embedded in EC-Earth. CLIMBAIR will provide future estimates of AQ, to be used by collaboration partners for regional modelling studies, and to advise authorities and stakeholders on adaptation of European policies to mitigate climate change impacts on AQ.
The project will also advance the development of the European ESM. CLIMBAIR will contribute to the integration of the interactive vegetation module, and will evaluate its impacts on the simulation of future AQ. Separate impacts from biogenic emissions and wildfires will be considered. The potential of future global land use management to mitigate climate impacts on AQ will also be explored in this project.
The leading role played by the host organisation in the EC-Earth consortium, and the fellow’s experience with CTMs and the general circulation model (GCM) used in EC-Earth, will ensure high quality research and high impact dissemination of results. The CLIMBAIR project will also contribute to broaden the fellow’s experience towards her next career stage."

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