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Satiety Innovation


The SATIN project has been devised to develop food products produced by novel food processing that control satiety through modification of food structure. To achieve this the SATIN project will:
1. Integrate advanced technologies to screen novel food structures through in vitro models to
isolate and refine products according to their satiating potential.
2. Develop novel food processing technologies that combine active ingredients and change food
structure to produce a range of novel satiety enhancing ingredients.
3. Produce finished foods products that pass through safety analysis, early sensory evaluation
and consumer testing.
4. Demonstrate the effects of prototype products on biomarkers of satiety and on nutrient
bioavailability using in vivo studies and validating new in vivo approaches.
5. Demonstrate the effects of final foods products on within-meal satiation, post-meal satiety and /
or reduced appetite and biomarkers of satiety.
6. Demonstrate the enduring effects of individual food products on satiety and their potential to
induce weight loss.
7. Demonstrate the long-term consumer and health benefits of adhering to a diet containing
satiety enhancing products.
8. Validate health claim endpoints and commercialise technologies and products.
The SATIN consortium consists of 7 SMEs and 4 commercial partners ensuring that advanced technologies developed to process and screen novel food products are applied to the food industry and improve European economic competitiveness. The safety and efficacy of products developed will be rigorously examined by 7 leading international academic research teams ensuring consumers will have new high quality processed foods to help them achieve a balanced diet.

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