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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-28

Functional Characterisation of the Plant Nuclear Pore Complex


"The primary objective of this proposal is to enable Dr Parry to conduct research that will establish him as a world leader in study of the Plant Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC). This will be achieved using a multidisciplinary approach to develop molecular tools and novel uses of technology to understand the critical roles of the NPC in plant cell biology. The initial findings of this work will importantly allow Dr Parry to further this research plans by successfully applying for additional funding from other European agencies.
The NPC acts as an essential conduit for movement of RNA and protein between nucleoplasm and cytoplasm but there are significant differences in the specific functions of the NPC across eukaryotic phyla. Arabidopsis plants with mutations within certain NPC components (nucleoporins) are unable to grow yet little is known about the network of interactions between the proteins that control plant nuclear transport. Dr Parry will use four broad strategies to investigate these interactions whilst establishing molecular techniques that will sustain his future research
A, Develop a genetic network of nucleoporin (NUP) function by isolating mutants in individual NUPs and assessing their phenotype using a range of bioassays and molecular techniques. B, Establish novel uses of confocal microscopy to image the real-time nuclear transport of transcriptional regulators in the context of different mutant backgrounds. C, Evaluate the role of nucleoporins in control of gene expression by performing microarrays on important nup mutants D, Use the novel technique of DamID-Seq to assess DNA regions that are directly bound by nucleoporins. These strategies will provide an early indication as to the specific nature of the plant NPC and provide a framework of tools for Dr Parry’s continuing experimentation."

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