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Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Materials for the Additive Manufacture of High Temperature Components in Power Generation


OXIGEN will combine leading-edge European expertise in the manufacture of specialist powder alloys (Mechanical Alloying), knowledge of niche high-temperature materials and capabilities in additive manufacturing. This will produce an integrated, world-leading capability to directly manufacture from powder to part custom-designed, best-in-class high temperature alloys for power generation component applications.

OXIGEN will develop different (Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS)) alloys individually designed to address specific high temperature materials performance challenges currently limiting power generation component capabilities. This will lead to the prospect of higher efficiency power generation turbine systems. Working within OXIGEN, and with end users (Alstom, Siemens and Ivchenko Progress) with a combined significant global reach and capabilities, it is expected that holistic exploitation of project results can contribute significantly towards achieving sustained high temperature turbine operation (>620 Degrees C) leading towards power plant efficiency gains greater than 30%.

To achieve these key objectives, the consortium consists of 11 organisations who are recognised leaders in various industrial sectors, in the Development of ODS materials and powder production technologies and in the development of LMD and SLM processes.

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