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European research centre of Network intelliGence for INnovation Enhancement


The ENGINE Centre is an interdisciplinary research unit of the Wrocław University of Technology, specializing in so-called Network Intelligence. This term spans the development of innovative, intelligent and advanced tools for effective computing, smart decisions and intelligent human-computer interactions applied in medicine, natural sciences, sociology and psychology, management and economics, mobile entertainment, business and industrial solutions, with special emphasis on SMEs. Despite quite substantial funds allocated in the last years to the ENGINE Centre, its organizational and scientific level has not been attained yet comparable to that of leading research institutions in the European Research Area, first of all due to insufficient funds, lack of adequate staff trainings and unsatisfactory collaboration with external scientific and industrial partners. The crucial idea behind the ENGINE project is to significantly enhance the research potential of the ENGINE Centre by employment of new external reputed researchers, upgrading the laboratory’s equipment, and strengthening the know-how exchange of advanced and innovative research on networked intelligence. The main objectives of the ENGINE project are: (i) enhancement of staff abilities, (ii) better integration with ERA, (iii) improvement of existing technical capabilities, (iv) strengthening the long-lasting partnership with European research centres. The ENGINE project will also ensure to establish strong and lasting collaboration with industrial and governmental partners, including SMEs, for mutual benefits resulting in knowledge transfer and competitive future in cutting-edge scientific activities. The project will also help to achieve the sustainable development of the ENGINE Centre research quality, competitiveness and attractiveness, at the regional, national, European and worldwide level.

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Wybrzeze wyspianskiego 27
50-370 Wroclaw

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Makroregion południowo-zachodni Dolnośląskie Miasto Wrocław
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Przemyslaw Kazienko (Prof.)
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