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Leone: From global measurements to local management

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Future Networks

The Leone project is a 30-month long STREP targeting "Future Networks" within the 7th Framework programme. The project addresses "Novel Internet architectures, management and operation frameworks".The goal of the Leone project is to research and develop an innovative network management framework that has two novelties:• It is focused on Quality of Experience: Probes sited alongside end users measure performance and functionality to websites and test servers, both local and distant.• It integrates multi-dimensional information: It combines measurements made by probes in the local ISP, probes in other ISPs, control plane information etc.These two novelties enable network management to focus on improving the user's experience of the Internet in a world of highly distributed and increasingly meshed applications.We research, prototype and validate through trials several tools that instantiate our framework:•\tNew tests running on the probes, to measure Quality of Experience. We build on the existing global platform of our partner SamKnows, which already has several thousand probes in the homes of broadband customers, by deploying 150 probes in partner ISP networks.•\tAnalysis to determine the cause of degradation of Quality of Experience. The tool combines the multiple viewpoints provided by the multi-dimensional data, in order to isolate which part of the Internet or service infrastructure has failed or needs to be upgraded.•\tVisualisation of the measurements and analysis results.•\tIntegration of the measurements and analysis results into existing network management tools, exemplified by the tool of our partner MG-Soft.•\tAutomatic repair of the problem, where possible in some scenarios.Within the project's lifetime, we disseminate our results, standardise at the IETF, and influence regulators to define performance metrics that take account of quality of experience.

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