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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-18

Establishing a process and a platform to support standardization for nanotechnologies implementing the STAIR approach


Standardization is one of the most adequate solutions to quickly capitalize and disseminate knowledge in “reference documents”, and have it implemented in the industry. It is very important in the field of nanotechnologies since the production of knowledge is very intensive. The overall objective of nanoSTAIR project is to build a sustainable process and platform in the field of nanotechnologies to support the transfer of knowledge gained through research to documentary standards in the context of the STAIR approach promoted by CEN-CENELEC.

The project is organized around several activities that will boost the development of new documentary standards.
A mechanism will be set up to identify, with a bottom-up approach, the opportunities for standardization from the results of research projects, co-funded by the European Commission or by National Research Programmes. This mechanism will be established using existing networks and initiatives such as NanoSafetyCluster or NANOfutures, as well as the network of the national standardization bodies in the various Member States.
Then, the expression of the needs for standards from various stakeholders will be collected and resources from consortia sharing similar standardization opportunities will be pooled together to launch New Work Items Proposals (NWIP). The nanoSTAIR approach will be verified during the project thanks to 2 NWIP initiated. The consortium will provide assistance to select the right standardization umbrella (Technical Committee and Working Group at CEN or ISO level)

As a result, nanoSTAIR will provide a set of procedures, a tool box and a practical guideline that will be useful to bridge the gap between research and standardization in nanotechnologies. nanoSTAIR will structure and ease the development of new documentary standards, and thus enable the European nanotechnology related industry to rapidly operate according to the state of the art and thus increase its competitiveness.

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