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Circuit-level Photonic design


"In the ERC-project NaResCo, we have developed a tool Caphe to model and simulate complex photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Caphe is aimed at narrowing the ""design gap"" experienced by photonic IC designers today. The ever increasing complexity of photonic ICs is making their design much harder, while existing tools for photonic IC design are lagging. The result is a gap between what is needed and what is available to do the job.
In the course of NaResCo, we have developed Caphe to the point where we have demonstrated its capabilities, and have applied it to the simulation of photonic reservoirs, which pose a considerable design challenge. The results encouraged us to look into the commercial potential of this tool. In CuP, we will push Caphe to a pre-commercial level. The main activities will focus on the development of a roadmap, technical improvements to make the tool commercially viable, elaboration of a licensing scheme (pre-commercial and commercial), demonstrate and document user cases (alpha-customers).The final exploitation strategy can be either through a new university spin-off company or licensing to an existing software vendor."

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