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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-16

Promoting and supporting implementation of biogas-polygeneration: a systematic approach towards sustainable energy consumption in Romania


PROBIOPOL will enable the implementation of industrial biogas polygeneration in Romania and demonstrate energy autarchic companies reusing fermentable wastes for polygeneration. ProBioPol will be a kick-start of the biogas market in Romania. This form of product-related environmental protection will be very well transferable to more companies. Based on a screening of the statistic rise of fermentable wastes in Romania we will identify two interesting target regions where industrial biogas polygeneration would be especially attractive. We will collect all relevant data to have an overview about the costs for energy supply and waste treatment that possible users of industrial biogas plants have. We will identify the criteria for optimal sites for polygeneration with biogas and we want to identify the equipment for biogas-technology, which can be produced in Romania. With this results, the market can develop due to fair and realistic prices for technical equipment. The documentation will be done in an Report

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