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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-16

Black holes in higher dimensional gravity theories


In this proposal we will explore the physics of black holes in a higher dimensional background. Recently, this arena introduced unexpected ingredients to the physics of black holes. Both in the framework of vacuum Einstein theory and in its extension to include the super-gravity fields of low energy string theory, there is a higher variety of black hole solutions: they can be extended objects, and they can have a non-spherical topology like the black ring solutions.

These black ring solutions violate theorem s (e.g. the uniqueness theorem) and results valid for 4-dimensional black holes. In this proposal we want to find the most general elements of the black ring family, and to study their properties and stability. Thus, we will develop classification schemes for higher dimensional black holes. We also want to use black ring solutions and, more generally, three-charge higher dimensional black hole solutions to test a recent conjecture known in the literature as the "Fuzzball proposal and quot;".

This proposal identifies the statistical microstates of a black hole with horizon-free smooth geometries without singularities. Its final aim is to solve the entropy and information puzzles of black hole thermodynamics, which are one of the most longstanding open problems of theoretical physics. This proposal fits the objectives of ERA and of the Marie Curie action: the researcher, who is from a less-favoured region of the EU, will return to Europe after spending two years in Canada.

The researcher will not merely continue his work in his past field of research. He will make an ambitious, but smooth and consistent, transition to a new area of research. He will have advanced scientific training in new multi/inter-disciplinary fields and in complementary skills. The researcher will benefit from the network of collaborations of the scientist in charge, and will integrate and reinforce an European research network.

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