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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-18

Gauge theories, cosmology and holography


Investigation of confining gauge theories by employing recently developed techniques in the gauge-gravity duality constitutes the first part of this proposal.

The technique of gamma-deformations in the context of gauge-gravity duality (Lunin an Maldacena) provides a new tool to distinguish and examine the universal aspects of non-perturbative gauge dynamics in the gravity duals (Gursoy and Nunez).

This fact raises hopes to understand the non-perturbative gauge dynamics by studying supergravity in these new backgrounds. Another line of approach that is recently initiated by Klebanov and Maldacena is to study the gauge-gravity duality directly in the five-dimensional non-critical string theory.

The idea here is to determine a 5D gravitational background dual to a confining gauge theory by imposing desired properties of the gauge theory such as asymptotic freedom. Then the gravitational theory can be analyzed in the supergravity approximation.

The second part of the proposal utilizes holography in the opposite direction: Investigation of fundamental cosmological problems by constructing the gauge theory duals of toy cosmological models. A simple example is to employ the holography in the context of two-dimensional non-critical string theory and c=1 matrix models.

The two-dimensional string background with the Euclidean time compactified and orbifolded provides the simplest example of a big-bang big-crunch toy universe after analytic continuation into Lorentzian time. A distinguishing aspect of this model is that the exact solvability of the matrix model helps one construct the full partition function of the string theory.

Hence one is able to formulate and investigate in a precise manner the fundamental questions such as the initial wave-function of the universe, the transition amplitude from big-bang to big-crunch and resolution of space-like singularities. The ultimate aim is to gain insights that help us understand more general and more realistic situations.

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