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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-29

Development of new hard decorative coatings based on transition metal oxynitrides


The project aims at the development of new functional coatings for decorative and micro-optoelectronics applications. The coatings based on transition metals oxynitrides will be deposited by Physical Vapour Deposition techniques. The idea is to combine the excellent mechanical properties of the nitrides with specific optical characteristics (colours) of the oxides. By tuning the deposition conditions, one can obtain coatings with compositions varying from oxides to nitrides, thus exploring the vast spectrum of their optical and mechanical properties. The main technical deliverable will be a clean coating deposition process that is cost-competitive as compared to traditional electroplating methods. The use of plasma-based technology is resource efficient and reduces the environmental impact, resulting in the "greening" of industry. During this project, new materials will be elaborated, characterised and their applications will be tested on an industrial scale. The oxynitride coatings will meet consumer demands because of their safety and extended lifetime. The project contributes to the development of knowledge about a novel class of materials. A better understanding of the fundamental properties of transition metal oxynitrides will be required to get insight i nto material's functionality. The consortium of 12 partners (6 research institutes and 6 industrial partners) from 5 European countries will bring together the critical mass of resources and competencies for this project. The role of the industrial partner s is to approve and implement the main project deliverables. The following widespread technology transfer aims at reinforcing the leading position of Europe in the decorative market and to improve its global competitiveness. The expected substitution of de corative electroplating surface treatments by a clean production process, resulting from the project, will contribute to environment protection, improvements of working and living conditions.'

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