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Innovation Relay Centre Slovakia


The main objective of the IRC Slovakia is to support the trans-national technology transfer between Slovakia and the European Community, both inward and outward, dissemination and exploitation of the Community RTD results towards to Slovak industry, to sti mulate the capacity of the SMEs to adopt new technologies, to prepare support financial mechanisms, to support the innovation activities linked to FP6 and to contribute to the integration of the Slovak SMEs among the EU technology community, using the IRC Network and other proper means. IRC Slovakia project will be implemented by four experienced partners - BIC Bratislava, BIC Group, National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Based on the 7 years experience of work in the European Innovation Relay Centres Network the project partners will implement a set of instruments for enhancing the trans-national technology transfer based co-operation between the Slovak Republic and European Community. The proposed activities will identify the needs and the potentials of local industry and match them with technology offers and technology requests form the whole IRC network, inc. the Community RTD results. Within the matching process different instrument s as BBS, technology transfer days, joint IRC events will be used. Further activity of IRC Slovakia towards its clients will be the signposting of RTD and innovation services to respective national and European networks. IRC Slovakia will provide servi ces to the IRC network, especially it will supply the network with high quality technology offers and technology requests and will take an active part in multi - IRC actions. The proposed activities of IRC Slovakia will lead, beside other results, into 24 trans-national technology transfer agreements.

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