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P2P location and presence mobile services for managing crisis and disaster situations


The project aims to develop an integrated architecture and a suite of mobile applications for advanced services, to assist mobile teams of safety/security and emergency response workers in crisis management and response during an emergency situation. The system will use advanced techniques in peer-to-peer workflow management integrated with location and presence services operating transparently on several wide area and local wireless networks, to allow resilient communication on infrastructure available after a disaster and effective coordination. It is intented to run on off-the-self state-of-the-art mobile phones (smart phones). Two major organizations have been selected to provide test-sites for the evaluation of the prototype under simulated emergency scenarios. One is the Athens International Airport and the second is the power transmission network and stations of Transelectrica, the Romanian National Power Transmission Company. At the end, mobile services and appropriately adjusted (or new) working models will be developed and demonstrated in practice with the objective to exploit transparently the potential of available and emerging mobile technologies in this sensitive application domain.

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