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Final Report Summary - LERU-KIDS (LERU-Kids-University)

The overall objective of LERU-KIDS was to promote understanding of research and science in young children, as well as develop strategies for the future and communicate them to parents, teachers and policy-makers.

150 children and 7 teachers participated in this programme. They accompanying teachers were very pleased about the programme: the topics presented supported the learning plan of science at school very well and they could tell that the children were really fascinated by the idea that science is constantly surrounding them in everyday life. Some teachers expressed explicitly their intention to use this way of 'science teaching' in their future courses. All children received a certificate of attendance and were granted teh title of 'Junior LERU scientist'.

At evening the second part of the programme took place. It was set up as a networking even for the partner universities to heighten the visibility of LERU as a European organisation promoting scientific awareness. 102 guests attended the evening programme.

The final event proved the benefit of cooperative action. It was very valuable for enhancing the contact between the universities and the European institutions. Furthermore, the cooperation with the European school confirmed the European character of the initiative.