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REsearch network for forward looking activities and assessment of research and innovation prospects in the fields of Climate, Resource Efficiency and raw mATErials


RECREATE is a policy support network that will collect strategic and analyse information about medium and long term research and innovation trends and prospects.

The aim of RECREATE is to overcome this fragmentation, and to create a clear cut research agenda for the Horizon 2020 priority of climate change, raw materials and resource efficiency using an RTD perspective for a transition management strategy that (a) looks at the trade-offs and synergies between raw materials, resource efficiency and climate change mitigation, (b) engages key stakeholders in a pro-active manner, and (c) has a perspective beyond the year 2020.

RECREATE seeks to
•Engage a wide range of stakeholders (industry, academia, research, etc) to create an effective, dynamic and sustainable network.
•Provide policy makers with a detailed mapping of the most relevant actors and initiatives in the fields of Climate Change, Resources Efficiency and Raw Materials across Europe and overseas.
•Provide the policy makers with detailed information regarding medium and long term research and innovation trends and prospects, and carry out forward looking analysis in the areas of Climate Change, Resources Efficiency and Raw Materials.
•Propose, deploy and monitor indicators for assessing the impact (in terms of policy, economy, society, sustainability) of EU R&I cooperation both within the EU and overseas.
•Produce regular quantitative and qualitative briefings with information, trends and strategic options for R&I addressed to EU research managers and policy makers.

RECREATE is a balanced partnership that combines key players in the areas of raw materials, resource efficiency and climate actions, at scientific and industry levels, with strong methodological knowledge partners, ensuring that the network
• has in depth knowledge about the issues, the challenges and the R&D policies in these fields of the Commission and globally,
• has access to the essential stakeholders outside the direct consortium, from academia
• has sound proven state of the art methods for collecting data, building sets of indicators, developing a scoreboard, building secnario’s, carrying our foresight analyses and impact assessments.

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