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Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative - Research and Development Coordination


The strategic objective of NC2I-R is to structure the European public and private R&D capabilities for delivering a nuclear cogeneration demonstrator fully meeting the market needs, in support of the Nuclear Cogeneration European Industrial Initiative.
Following the reference EUROPAIRS project and in close collaboration with the ongoing ARCHER project, national projects (e.g. Polish HTRPL, German SYNKOPE), non-EU HTR programs (US, China, South Korea, South Africa) and Generation IV International Forum, NC2I-R will bring a decisive contribution to prepare for a successful, low-risk and rapid European nuclear cogeneration demonstration for Europe’s industry.
To this end, NC2I-R will:
1) Structure the European public and private R&D capacities towards nuclear cogeneration demonstration and identify clearly the status of Europe’s public and private R&D infrastructures and competences
2) Define the safety requirements to prepare for the future licensing process for a cogeneration demonstrator and limit the associated risk
3) Define clear and consensual specifications for the demonstrator, ensuring its economic viability, its market fit, its future replicability and its safety, in particular of the coupling scheme, and limiting all construction project risks
4) Managing the knowledge from past projects on HTR and nuclear cogeneration with a comprehensive experience feedback in order to identify potential points of attention and success factors
5) Prepare on a joint roadmap paving the way for today’s European R&D capacities towards the commissioning of the specified demonstrator and identify potential gaps
6) Prepare for and organise the cooperation with non-European similar programmes to possibly share the demonstrator risk in line with the European interest and to secure EU’s leadership position in the global competition for HTR
7) Prepare a smooth and inclusive governance for the future NC2I, engaging all stakeholders including civil society into a wide

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