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Guiding system for visually impaired for running on a track


At present everyday sport is almost impossible or at least very circumstantial for blind people, especially if they want to enjoy their favorite sport alone in their free time. Therefore, our aim is to develop a track where they are able to run alone without any human guidance. The target of the project is to provide a system which satisfies this need. Modern hardware and software technologies have to be used in one system to solve the problem of the real-time tracking of a blind runner. The solution is based on an RF position detection technology, which deployed in a stadium, around the running track and able to operate in real-time. The system detects the exact position of each runner on the track even if he or she is blind or not. This is important, as there is no unidentified person allowed on the running track. With this idea visually impaired people become more independent even in their leisure time. First we would like to establish a 400m long standard circle track that is supplied with all the necessary technical equipment.

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