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Scale-up of Calcium Carbonate Looping Technology for Efficient CO2 Capture from Power and Industrial Plants


Calcium Carbonate Looping (CCL) is a promising long-term technology for low-cost post combustion CO2 capture for fossil fuels using limestone based solid sorbents. It combines the advantages of a small efficiency penalty of 5 to 7 % points and a low CO2 capture cost compared to competing technologies currently under development. First tests performed on the 1 MWth scale have confirmed the feasibility of the technology. Construction of a pilot plant in the order of 20 MWth is a logical next step in the development of this technology. One major goal of the proposed project is to perform long-term tests with different fuels in an upgraded 1 MWth pilot plant, aiming mainly at optimization of operating conditions and operational reliability. The successful operation of the upgraded pilot will provide the important validation step between the 1 MWth scale and a future 20 MWth scale pilot plant. Process and CFD models will be developed and comprehensively validated against experimatal data from 1 MWth testing. These models will be applied to support the engineering for a 20 MWth scale pilot plant. The project will provide a techno-economic as well as an environmental assessment of this high-potential technology for CO2 capture from power plants as well cement and steel production plants, and provide the fundamental expertise needed for the scale-up and further technology development and integration.

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