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Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation

Opis projektu

Collective awareness platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation

Web-COSI - Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation- is a co-ordination action to support Collective Awareness by engaging citizens and society at large in the area of statistics and new measures of social progress and well-being. The project is built on the awareness that it is essential to change cultures and enlarge the public debate on the "role" of communities in the implementation of information and data related to the topics of well-being and societal progress. Web-COSI will use state of art Web 2.0 technology and social media tools to engage diverse communities in a collective discussion on the "definition" of official and non official statistics for new measurements 'beyond GDP'. Involvement in "the way" information and data is collected and processed will motivate more citizens to contribute, access, understand and master the use of public statistical data. Web-COSI will use Wikiprogress, an innovative ICT based platform, and active networks to encourage grassroots social innovation and to raise the collective awareness about socially, environmentally and economically sustainable approaches to challenges faced by society. Better statistical information is one of the pillars needed to make smart strategic and operational choices by the community (citizens, stakeholders, market, third sector, policy makers) for Sustainability and Social Innovation. Web-COSI contributions include: (1) mapping and exploiting existing initiatives; (2) distilling and sharing best practices; (3) engaging the citizens in the dialogue to make statistics more accessible for society at large;(4) fostering statistical data sharing by upgrading and redesigning Wikiprogress.stat (a tool hosted by OECD who is a partner in the project). The project will strengthen the links between statistics producers and Web 2.0 Communities and facilitate collective awareness for Sustainability and Social Innovation.

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