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OMI Dissemination Project


The success of OMI in creating a competitive European microsystems industry will depend on a significant amount of information exchange between the constituent projects of the initiative and on raising the awareness of user companies.

OMI/DIS will support both these types of information flow by defining and implementing a strategy for the diffusion of the OMI technology into the market and by supporting the exchange of information between OMI project participants.

OMI/DIS will focus on:

- propagating OMI information throughout the European user and producer base via OMI conferences and the circulation of technical papers
- collecting and disseminating feedback from this audience to the OMI projects and partners via industry sector panels and related workshops
- providing training to potential users of OMI components (hardware, software, environment and applications)
- making OMI products available, from the development stage, to universities and training organisations
- the direct provision of training courses for each of a selected set of OMI technologies for special interest industrial groups (aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, etc)
- assisting individual OMI projects to produce a coordinated set of user manuals.

To assist internal information flow, activities will include publishing and maintaining an implementation handbook, provision of a technology liaison officer, organisation of workshops, and dissemination of technical papers.


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