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Federated Interoperable Semantic IoT/cloud Testbeds and Applications


Despite the proliferation of IoT and smart cities testbeds, there is still no easy way to conduct large scale experiments that leverage data and resources from multiple geographically and administratively distributed IoT platforms. Recent advances in IoT semantic interoperability provide a sound basis for implementing novel cloud-based infrastructures that could allow testbed-agnostic access to IoT data and resources. FIESTA will open new horizons in IoT experimentation at a global scale, based on the interconnection and interoperability of diverse IoT testbeds. FIESTA will produce a first-of-a-kind blueprint experimental infrastructure (tools, techniques and best practices) enabling testbed operators to interconnect their facilities in an interoperable way, while at the same time facilitating researchers in deploying integrated experiments, which seamlessly transcend the boundaries of multiple IoT platforms. FIESTA will be validated and evaluated based on the interconnection of four testbeds (in Spain, UK, France and Korea), as well as based on the execution of novel experiments in the areas of mobile crowd-sensing, IoT applications portability, and dynamic intelligent discovery of IoT resources.
In order to achieve global outreach and maximum impact, FIESTA will integrate an additional testbed and experiments from Korea, while it will also collaborate with IoT experts from USA. The participation of a Korean partner (based its own funding) will maximize FIESTA’s value for EC money. Moreover, the project will take advantage of open calls processes towards attracting third-parties that will engage in the integration of their platforms within FIESTA or in the conduction of added-value experiments. As part of its sustainability strategy, FIESTA will establish a global market confidence programme for IoT interoperability, which will enable innovative platform providers and solution integrators to ensure/certify the openness and interoperability of their developments.

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