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Promoting the Implementation of Safe by Design


Major international conference

A Major international conference will be organised at the end of PROSAFE to bring together elements of NANoREG, NANoREG II and other NMP projects under the CSA-PROSAFE umbrella

Agreed call topics for the common call

report with public guidelines for general call: the procedures of common project calls, their evaluation and the financing established in PROSAFE and how these will implemented

Inventory of the harmonized national regulation oriented task

Inventory of the harmonized national regulation orientated task

White Paper

This report will give an analysis of the regulatory relevance of the output of NANoREG and OECD WPMN, and lead into conclusions which can provide support the regulatory implementation of measure to establish the medium and long term framework for the EHS of MNM

Press releases during the project

IS will produce regular press releases, at least evey 3 months during the project and more frequently when required by some special event.

project website

the project website will be up and running at least in a preliminary form by Month 3

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