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Interactive System for Spoken European Language Training


SPELL II aims to develop the demonstration system resulting from the feasibility study undertaken in project 5192, SPELL, towards a marketable computer-aided language-training course. Research topics will include phonetic analysis (particularly of consonants and nasalisation), user interface design (addressing several multimedia issues), and user evaluation. The languages involved are English, French and Italian,and these will be analysed in order to extract their phonetic characteristics.

A further objective of the work is to carry out a detailed market survey in order to define viable products, which may include products for vocabulary development, syntax teaching products, and phrase-level teaching products. The survey will also define the market in terms of size and geographical distribution and will define a marketing strategy for possible SPELL products in terms of cost-effectiveness and user acceptability. The terms of a possible strategic partnership will be considered between the partners of the SPELL project who possess the know-how and rights and the main players in the language teaching marketplace. This latter aspect will include the option to create a new business opportunity for the SPELL partners to set up an organisation to carry out further product development and marketing.


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