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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-29

Centre of excellence for space, planetary and astrophysics research Training and Networking


We propose to create a Centre of Excellence in the training of early stage researchers in the space, planetary (including Earth Observation) and astrophysical sciences in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leicester.

The principal aims of this centre will be to:
- Provide a broad postgraduate training in space research that exposes students to different research disciplines and skills, leading to a recognized qualification (Masters degree or Doctorate).
- Enable access to first class training in generic skills training to European students at a world-class centre for space research.
-·Develop a collaborative training network, through the placement of students supported by the centre for periods in other European institutions, and by hosting nationally funded students from these places.
- Provide a flexible training environment that early stage researchers can adapt to their cultural and gender needs and in respect of their national education systems.

Key elements of the research programme will include space technology, earth observation and astrophysics, which are important foci in the Leicester centre. As a result we hope to produce...
- A more adaptable nucleus of researchers, capable of fulfilling the needs of the European space, planetary and astrophysical science community, and able to become future leaders in these fields.
- Researchers with better employability across a range of disciplines and outside academic research environments.
- A European research capability that can meet the challenges laid out in the Green and White Papers on European Space Policy (both on /space/whitepaper/index_en.html)).

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