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High load gear and bearings materials


The Ultra High Bypass Ratio technology achieved with the geared turbofan concept, that decouples fan and turbine speeds by means of an Integral Drive System (IDS), is an innovative architecture that can enable significant reduction in fuel burn, noise and emissions.

The HILOGEAR (High load gear and bearings materials) project supports the aims to mature differentiating technologies and processes that could be introduced in the innovatve drive system module for the UHPE (Ultra High Propulsion Efficiency Engine) demonstrator.

Since classical aerospace materials, although performant, do not exhibit all the necessary technical characteristics to fulfil both bearing and gears strength needs for their application in the UHPE power gearbox, innovative materials and heat treatments have to be investigated.

Therefore the main HILOGEAR project tasks and goals will be:
• the selection, jointly with the TM, of promising materials and surface treatments suitable both for gears and bearings
• testing activities on bearings also in contaminated conditions
• testing activities on gears in high load and high temperature conditions similar to those of new engines.

The activity will be managed with a Phase & Gate approach and will include detailed technical / program, documentation, including planning, drawings, design report, risk analysis, test plan and test requirements, test results and test analysis reports.

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