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Innovative highly concentrated Omega-3 Specialized Nutrition Product

Periodic Reporting for period 4 - LIFEOMEGA (Innovative highly concentrated Omega-3 Specialized Nutrition Product)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2019-12-01 do 2020-11-30

The objective of the project is the industrial and market development of a high concentrated Omega3 EPA nutritional
product addressed to improve the health of cancer patients.
LIFEOMEGA intends to provide faster recovery of cancer patients after chemo and radio therapies as follows:

1. The deficit of necessary level essential Omega3 EPA fatty acid by one efficient concentration and daily dosage (3g EPA per day)
2. Unique delivery form as an easy-to-ingest emulsion

The product of the project is protected by IP and constitutes a unique solution, not present in the market. Moreover, it is flavourized, and being an emulsion, it can be conveniently delivered into other liquids. These features make the product a breakthrough in the essential nutrition market, both in Europe and in the USA.
Cancer patients receiving radio/chemotherapy will benefit significantly from consumption of the emulsion. Faster recovery also means reduced length of hospital stay, and improved quality of life for cancer patients. The emulsion and its EPA concentration (3g/20ml) allow the consumption of higher concentrations of EPA than are currently available in the Omega3 market.

In conclusion, the emulsion is being commercialized worldwide and available to the malnourished cancer patient population while Solutex continues to test its effectiveness in specific groups of cancer patients.
The work performed involved activities related to:
1. An optimized formulation.
2. Industrial scale-up.
3. Commercial agreement negotations.
4. Clinical trails initiation and management.

Solutex achieved:
a. A supply and license agreement.
b. Industrial capacity to fullfill emulsion supply.
c. Emulsion effectiveness data in healthy volunteers and cancer patients.
The lifeOmega project delivered a unique emulsion of EPA for the foods for special medical purposes (FSMP) market.
The product has the potential to aid the recovery of the growing number of cancer patients worldwide.