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High Level eHealth Conference 2017


The Maltese Presidency proposes to organise a High-Level Conference on eHealth in keeping with the practice established by first-semester Presidencies since 2007.

The main objective will be to bring together high-level policymakers from all EU MS and other key stakeholders to discuss the most important current issues of common interest regarding the effective, safe and economic application of ICT to the planning, delivery and evaluation of health services. High-level delegates will be invited from all EU MS, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland & USA.

The Presidency will co-locate the event with a Health IT conference & exhibition organised by HIMSS Europe. Partnering with HIMSS will help reach a wider and more diverse audience, including key stakeholders from the health IT industry, allowing EU eHealth policies and the outcome of relevant EU-funded research and innovation to reach a wider audience. The co-located events will be known collectively as “eHealth Week 2017” (EHW17).

The EHW17 programme will be both diverse and comprehensive, highlighting developments taking place in various aspects of eHealth such as legal, organisational, semantic and technical. The overarching theme of EHW17 is “Data for Health: the key to personalised sustainable care”. Subjects discussed will include:
- Patient access to and sharing of health data
- Moving health data safely onto cloud infrastructure
- Sharing personal health data across country borders
- Improving effectiveness, safety and privacy of mHealth
- Scaling up digital innovation for health and care
- International cooperation in eHealth
- Smart environments & integrated care
- Data management and analytics for personalised medicine & public health policy

EHW17 will include an Informal Working Lunch for high-level delegates, during which they will be invited to discuss the health-related aspects of the mid-term review of the Digital Single Market.

Both Presidency and Commission will have a stand on the exhibition floor.


Ministry for Health and Active Ageing - Government of Malta
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€ 300 000,00
Palazzo Castellania, Merchants Street 15
VLT 1171 Valletta

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