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Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution


Organizations leverage data pools to drive value, while it is variety, not volume or velocity, which drives big-data investments. The convergence of IoT, cloud, and big data, create new opportunities for self-service analytics towards a completely paradigm towards big data analytics. Human and machine created data is being aggregated, transforming our economy and society. To face these challenges, companies call upon expert analysts and consultants to assist them.
A self-service solution will be transformative for organizations, it will empower their employees with the right knowledge, and give the true decision-makers the insights they need to make the right decisions. It will shift the power balance within an organization, increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve employee empowerment, and increase profitability.

I-BiDaaS aims to empower users to easily utilize and interact with big data technologies, by designing, building, and demonstrating, a unified solution that: significantly increases the speed of data analysis while coping with the rate of data asset growth, and facilitates cross-domain data-flow towards a thriving data-driven EU economy. I-BiDaaS will achieve its goals following a methodical approach. As a first step, it has guaranteed access to real-world industry big data. I-BiDaaS will proceed with breaking intrer- and intra-sectorial data-silos, and support data sharing, exchange, and interoperability. Having done so, it will support methodical big data experimentation by putting in place a safe data processing environment. To foster experimentation, I-BiDaaS will develop data processing tools and techniques applicable in real-world settings. I-BiDaaS will be tangibly validated by three real-world, industry-lead experiments, in the domains of banking, manufacturing, and telecommunications. The I-BiDaaS solution will help increase the efficiency and competitiveness of EU companies.

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