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Integrated offshore cultivation of high value seaweed and their potential use in controlling harmful algal blooms.


IntegraSea is in line with the EU Blue Growth Agenda, in seeking to develop and evaluate new opportunities for sustainable
aquaculture development. The increasing interest in the incorporation of seaweed-based extracts into ‘natural’ products has
created a new market for seaweed. While strong competition for terrestrial space is a constraint, offshore cultivation is
growing fast, and Portugal shows potential for expansion. Furthermore, the need to comply with environmental standards is
directing fish producers to consider Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) systems where seaweeds are integrated as
a valuable crop and as waste bioprocessing means. Another potential advantage of large scale cultivation of seaweed is its
integration with bivalve production. Several seaweed species have demonstrated allelopathy potential, inhibiting the growth
of Harmful Microalgae which often lead to prolonged closures of bivalve production in Portugal, and across the EU. This
project will focus on an innovative holistic approach to offshore cultivation of high value native seaweed species, together
with their bioremediation and HABs’ mitigation potential in order to maximise economic and environmental benefits. The
work will be carried out between IMPA and CCMAR facilities, two organisations leaders in aquaculture research in Portugal,
and where all the conditions for the projects’ successful completion are gathered. Results will be reported in relevant
scientific meetings, published in open access peer reviewed international journals, and made accessible to the stakeholders
in the aquaculture industry, policy makers and the general public. This fellowship will contribute to the researcher’s career
development, by expanding her research and complementary skills, improving the ability of the experienced researcher to
attract EU and national research funding in the future.


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