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MASTERCOW, an antibiotic-free bioinorganic therapy for bovine mastitis


Bovine Mastitis is a bacterial infection of the cow udder. It is the major problem in the dairy sector, causing losses of approximately €1.5Bn in Europe each year, with each case costing the farmer over €400/case. Current mastitis treatment is very inefficient and is wasteful. Indeed, most part of current treatments use conventional antibiotics. These solutions are not ideal: - they are not always effective - bacteria can gain resistance to the antibiotics - for a period of time during and following treatment (the 'withdrawal period' which can be up to 9.5 days) the milk must be discarded to prevent entry of antibiotic residues into the human food chain.
CNTLAB, the SME proposers, has developed a totally new approach in bovine mastitis therapy: MASTERCOW. Unlike antibiotics which can be ineffective and carry the risk of resistance, MASTERCOW allow to achieve a strongly increased cure rate (from 70% up to 99%), with a lower cost, decreased therapy duration ensuring wellbeing of the cow.
MASTERCOW is an intramammary technological mixture, based on Bioinorganic chemistry, that is directly nebulised through the orifice of the mammary gland of the milk cow. MASTERCOW has been already tested in ab environment and we received expression of interest from breeders willing to launch a demo project.
The market we are targeting has an overall value of 1,5B€ (therapies for dairy cow mastitis) and we aim at reaching 9% of this sector, foreseeing 14M€ turnover at Y4. MASTERCOW has the potential to create a totally new market in mastitis therapy: antibiotic-free therapies.
The PH1 project will aim at validating the product concept on the market and at fine tuning the distribution strategy by identifying the right commercial partners in addressed markets. We will also run a small pilot test, to validate MASTERCOW approach. The product is brought to the market by CNT LAB, an Italian startup that patented the ion cluster synthesis MASTERCOW product is based upon.

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