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EEN InnoSupp BG-3

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EEN InnoSupp BG-3 (EEN InnoSupp BG-3)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2019-01-01 do 2019-12-31

The project is designed to contribute to the implementation of the European policies by enhancing SMEs innovation management capacity and translating its impact into leveraged business and innovation performance of the SMEs, growth, and quality jobs. Innovation in products, processes and services, as a major tool for improving global competitiveness of European companies, requires a well-targeted approach and streamlined resources.

The proposal overall objective is to enhance the innovation management capacity of, and accelerate the innovation processes in, Bulgarian SMEs thus supporting growth, jobs, competitiveness and sustainability on the EU Single market as well as entrance on new markets, third markets inclusive. The ultimate result sought in the long run is to have the companies, supported under this action, introduce efficient management of their innovation processes, and be better prepared for the pressing competitiveness on the EU and the global markets. The support under this project is likewise expected to better prepare the companies for the ‘Access to Finance’ instruments and for attracting investment in innovations in the long run.

The overall objective – to enhance the innovation management capacity of SMEs – is broken down into the following specific objectives:

• To support the SMEs that are beneficiaries of the European Innovation Council in strengthening their innovation management capacity, enhancing their overall innovation performance throughout their project implementation and successful exploitation of the project outcomes and results. This will be done by identifying gaps and needs in the innovation management domain, proposing the best match of coach(es) profile(s) and acting as mediator between the SME and innovation coach(es) to address these gaps and needs. The services for achieving this specific objective are the so called “Key Account Management” (KAM) services in the context of the present call;

• To enhance the innovation management capacity of Bulgarian SMEs by addressing gaps and needs with well-devised actions and measures towards increased efficiency and effectiveness of the innovation processes, and thus increased potential to benefit from the European support for research and innovation. This objective will be pursued by delivering the so called ‘Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity’ services in the context of this call (EIMC services).
The analysis of the results achieved by the consortium shows that the total number of companies delivered completed service packs within 2019 is 36(1 KAM and 35 EIMC). The differentiation between WPs reveals the following in resume:
• In practice, the number of the KAM service packs depends on the success rate of the Bulgarian companies when applying to the SME Instrument (Phase I and II), FTI and FET. Due to that, the number of the companies served corresponds to the planned one, even though only one case is closed within 2019 – that of Smart Soft, worked with ARC, as most of the companies succeed in the last EIC cut-off dates of 2019. The partners have commenced five more KAM services and have to finish them in 2020 - ARC served also Bee Smart under the SME Instrument Phase 1, Transmetrics under the SME Instrument Phase 2, and Endurosat under the FTI, and BIA and BCCI have one KAM-client each.
• The partners started 66 EIMS service packs. 35 of them are closed, which is higher than the planned number of 27 cases. The balance at partner level shows the following: ARC launched 42 cases with 18 successfully completed (double the planned number of 10 service packs); BIA started 13 cases with 9 closed exceeding the programmed by one; BCCI achieved the same result with respectively 6 planned and 7 closed packs. GIS commenced 4 service packs, closing one of them.
All 6 SMEs beneficiaries of the European Innovation Council within the reporting period received KAM and coaching support. One of those cases was completed within 2019, the remaining 5 are still ongoing.

35 companies received full-pack support on enhancing their innovation management capacity, and another 44 are currently being supported and will continue to benefit from the EIMC services in 2020. Nearly 80% of them have product and service innovations, approximately equally represented in the supported SMEs, with minor prevalence of the former over the latter.

The service impact on the clients is primarily in the following areas:

- improving the company’s market position,
- increasing the turnover,
- reducing the production costs,
- generating cost savings;
- stronger network involvement;
- improved innovation life cycle;
- reducing the production costs,
- increasing the quality of products and services in combination with increasing the satisfaction of clients and business partners