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Back office and logistical services final review

Quarterly reviews and synthesis report of services and financial commitments investments for Cocreation TGB M15 M24 M30

Final report on studies performed during the project
Monitoring system and KPIs
Stakeholder engagement plan, final version

The final report will describe the revised activities to be carried out by the EOSC Secretariat in order to sustain steer and monitor stakeholder engagement including lessons learned from the first 15 months of Secretariat activities

EOSC Secretariat coordination final update

EOSC Secretariat coordination bimonthly reviews and 2020 synthesis report of EOSCsecretariateu activities for the EOSC Boards Executive Board

Final Co-creation monitor

Quarterly review of Cocreation activities applications proposals recommendations KPIs and final period M1930 synthesis report

EOSC Governance Board sub-groups meetings minutes

Rapporteur services such as subgroups meetings minutes up to 15 Lead UKRI eg M4 M6 M8M24

Final Progress Report

Final project management and progress report including details on how objectives were achieved which difficulties complicated the project and which further perspectives arise from its final state

EOSC Executive Board meetings minutes

EOSC Executive Board meetings minutes up to 20 Lead TGB eg M2 M4 M6M24

Report assessing diversity of actors & situation with regards to rules of participation

Report including assessment of diversity of actors situation with regards to rules of participation

The EOSC Working Group Handbook

The EOSC Working Group Handbook [ARC, M9] – revision M12

EOSC innovative business models report

Report including a set of business model canvasses and associated descriptions for service provisioning

Final report on EOSC legal and organisational framework
First legal and organisational framework analysis

First report assessing legal and organisational framework options for the next phase of EOSC

The EOSC Working Group Charter

The EOSC Working Group Charter [ARC, M5] - revision M12

EOSC market analysis report

Report providing an analysis of the EOSC market to highlight the opportunities EOSC represents (M12)

Open consultation service

The open consultation & EOSC feedback channel will be accessible online from the EOSC Secretariat portal and will enable all the EOSC stakeholders to be heard and develop an open, continuous and transparent dialogue with the Secretariat.

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