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Acoustic Intelligence and AI, the Next Frontier. Listen, detect, predict.


Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a maintenance technique, based on the monitoring of equipment conditions combined with different sets of real-time analytics to achieve cost savings by predicting failures, and detecting and responding to unanticipated equipment or process degradation. However, there are a few key factors hindering progress and digitalisation of the Industry 4.0: 1) Current estimations state that worldwide, there are 60M machines in factories, of which 90% are not connected; and 2) Current technologies are not appropriate: they are complex to install, requiring the maintenance team to reach to each machine separately; their inability to monitor a combination of machines that work in sequence; the high costs since several sensors are required for the measurement of the different aspects of the machine; ultimately leading to late detection.
Sound Health is an acoustic data acquisition 24/7 system to monitor machinery for predictive maintenance (PdM). The system gathers high resolution data, detecting and predicting when maintenance is required, providing valuable reporting and insights, and becoming more efficient and competitive.
Sound Health is the only Cloud based SW and HW platform for digitisation, visualisation and PdM of machines based on PLC parameters and additional acoustic sensors. Offering also PdM solution based on the large database it collects.

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