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Novel EOSC services for Emerging Atmosphere, Underwater and Space Challenges

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - NEANIAS (Novel EOSC services for Emerging Atmosphere, Underwater and Space Challenges)

Okres sprawozdawczy: 2021-05-01 do 2022-10-31

NEANIAS is an ambitious project that comprehensively addresses the ‘Prototyping New Innovative Services’ challenge set out in the recent ‘Roadmap for EOSC’ foreseen actions. NEANIAS will drive the co-design, delivery, and integration into EOSC of innovative thematic services, derived from state-of-the-art research assets and practices in three major sectors: underwater research, atmospheric research and space research. Each of these sectors engages a diverse set of research and business groups, practices, and technologies. Each thematic service will not only address its community-specific needs but will also enable the transition of the respective community to the EOSC concept and Open Science principles. In doing so, NEANIAS provides its communities with plentiful resource access, collaboration instruments, and interdisciplinary research mechanisms, which will amplify and broaden each community’s research and knowledge generation activities. From a technological perspective, NEANIAS will deliver a rich set of services that are designed to be flexible and extensible; they will be able to accommodate the needs of communities beyond their original definition and to adapt to neighboring cases, fostering reproducibility and re-usability. From a sustainability perspective, NEANIAS identifies promising, cutting-edge business cases across several user communities and lays out several concrete exploitation opportunities.
During the first eighteen months, despite the international pandemic crisis, and the resulting mobility restrictions and need of work paradigm shift, NEANIAS managed to stay successfully on track. In terms of management, the project successfully handled the execution of its workplan, with minor reasoned deviations issuing deliverables with quality and completeness and exploit the diversity of the large consortium body to the benefit of its goals.

In terms of technology, NEANIAS managed to elevate to sufficient TRL and release the targeted thematic services, while additional services are planned. This built upon establishing of a common understanding of a NEANIAS EOSC service principles that applies Open Science directives and utilizes cloud resources, in a secure manner, to the best of its abilities. Few services are already enroute to EOSC Marketplace.

In terms of networking and dissemination, the project managed to broadly disseminate, communicate, as well as shape effectively the overall exploitation of the thematic, core and further business cases; managed to initiate fruitful collaborations, innovation activities, undertake a leading role in EOSC exploitation, user-engagement, strengthening and securing the overall project’s impact.
NEANIAS pushes forward by delivering innovative services that respond to emerging thematic challenges in an Open Science aligned manner, onboarding new research groups onto EOSC under terms that were not previously considered. It also explores business models beyond the typical ones, that can benefit from the emerging ecosystem of Open Science services and data.

Among the impacts expected by the project are (i) the cultivation of Open Science principles, such as data FAIRness, reproducibility and transparency in a broader research and scientific audience through its stakeholders, (ii) the strengthening of EOSC, not only with new offerings and onboarding of new research groups, but also with ideas and requirements for its future of seamless integration among research processes (iii) the expansion of the consideration, and promotion of resolution of present challenges, for the of development business model that both build upon and strengthen Open Science. Thus, project seeks to create an impact that spans research, business, and society in general.